Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Because the last four years have been so great for Youngstown?

Youngstown endorsements from the Plain Dealer:

"Youngstown, Ohio - The mayor of this Democratic stronghold known for its steel industry job losses endorsed President Bush's re-election on Monday . . . "

"McKelvey pledged his support for Bush at a news conference. With him was Jo Ann Davidson, chairwoman of Bush's campaign in Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana . . . "

"McKelvey said he has no intention of becoming a Republican, but he said he might accept an invitation from Ohio Republi cans to attend the Republican National Convention in New York . . . "

"State Sen. Robert Hagan, another Youngstown Democrat, said he is not surprised by McKelvey's decision. 'He's been a Republican running as a Democrat as long as I've known him. I'm friends with him, so I'm not disparaging him,' Hagan said.


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