Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Loosen Republican stranglehold?

I wish.

Monday's Washington Post suggested that the campaign finance scandal in Ohio is undermining support for the Bush campaign. Probably true.

But the response by local media seems to be overly optimistic. For example, Plain Dealer reporter Ted Wendling's lede today is,

"Propelled by a scandal that has threatened to loosen the Republican Party's stranglehold on political power in Ohio, Gov. Bob Taft and other state Republican leaders pledged Monday to pass campaign-finance reform before the end of the year."

The Democratic Party in Ohio and their leaders in the state legislature have been AWOL on this issue and letting the Plain Dealer and a few others do all the heavy lifting. They have squandered a great opportunity and have allowed another wingnut, Ken Blackwell, to look like the political savior.

No, the chances are that this scandal will increase the stranglehold, not weaken it.


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