Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Questionnaire conundrum

Every newspaper in the state is moaning the fact that nearly every politician has refused to complete a Project Vote Smart questionnaire that would be used to educate members on where they stand on issues. In particular, reporters and editorial writers recall the nightmarish situation former Columbus area candidate Lori Tyack face in 2002. For example:

"House Democratic leader Chris Redfern points to the case of candidate Lori Tyack of Columbus. She told Project Vote Smart that she might support slight corporate and sales tax increases. Republicans labeled her 'Tax Hike Tyack' in ads, though she had never actually voted for a tax increase. And she lost."

How convenient of a position to take now. Did any reporter or media outlet two years ago denounce these ads as a vicious lie?" Did any TV or radio station refuse to run the ad because it was false? Did anyone hold the Republican party accountable for these ads and propose the need for an apology? These are the same newspapers that are maintaining "balanced" coverage of the Swift Boat affairs when it is clear (if military records and first person accounts mean anything) that only one side is factually supported.

Hypothetically speaking, perhaps if editors and reporters would have the guts to call a lie a lie - now, not two years later - maybe then the editorial hand ringing could appear a little more sincere.


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