Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Why does Robert Bennett hate Ohioans?

A Staples gift certificate? Ya gotta be kidding.

This only received sparse coverage in the mass press and some radio coverage. Here are a few lines from the Gongwer News Service (warning - subscriber only service):

". . . the Ohio Republican Party said Tuesday it has asked prosecuting attorneys in Franklin and Summit counties to investigate cases in which labor unions allegedly violated election law by offering prizes in exchange for registering to vote. . . "

"A July letter from the OEA to its members included the sentence, 'As an incentive, every person who notifies OEA headquarters that they have updated their voter registration will automatically be entered in a drawing for a Staples' gift certificate. . . '"

"State law clearly prohibits offering 'incentives' or anything of value in exchange for registering to vote," said Robert Bennett, chairman of the Ohio Republican Party. "We're asking the...(prosecutors) to review this matter and take appropriate action to protect the integrity of Ohio's election laws . . ."

"We're really kind of surprised by the whole thing," William Leibensperger, secretary-treasurer, said in response to the Republican complaint. "It really has all the appearance of a political maneuver of some kind, but to what end I don't know." He said the letter was a means of encouraging members to make sure they were registered to vote, and to
promote civic involvement.

Bennett has also filed a complaint in Summit County against the steelworkers union earlier this month.

In addition, State of Ohio employees have recently been told that voter registration drives are forbidden in state offices buildings.

And these are the people that want to run the nation and the state?


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