Thursday, September 30, 2004


80-lb registration rule thrown out!

The renewed pressure by the Dems, labor and Kerry/Edwards is paying off. Finally a ground game in Ohio! (more on this later). Sect. of State Blackwell has announced that his office will not enforce his rule that all voter registration applications must be printed and received on 80-lb paper stock.

And a "better late than never" tip of the hat to some of the press corps who finally weighed in on this issues. The Dispatch, for example, found that many of the forms actually distributed by Blackwell's office were printed on the wrong weight paper.

In many ways, Blackwell had no choice but to cave in. Many, many county election boards had apparently decided to ignore his directive and register voters regardless of the paper weight.

A footnote to the dispatch story is that Franklin County, alone, has registered 90,000 new voters, a 10 percent increase of which 90 percent are probably voting for Democrats.

Hopefully this puts an end to the crazy 10-year old rule on about the 80-lb paper. Yes, that is how long the Ohio Dems sat on the sidelines on this issue. With some new confidence over this and the Nader issues, and lots of imported backbone (from groups like ACT and Kerry/Edwards), there is starting to be a sense that the Republicans have been rocked back on their heels.


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