Saturday, September 18, 2004


Bad . . . and getting worse

Regarding jobs in Ohio, the situation got worse in August and, gee whiz, the improvement in July turned out to be, well, wrong.

Here's the skinny on the trend:
- June unemployment 5.8%
- July unemployment 6.0%
- August unemployment 6.3%
Concretely, that translates into 370,000 officially unemployed, compared to 354,000 a month ago.

For the record, unemployment in August '03 was 6.1%.

Worse hit are the counties in southeast and eastern Ohio: Meigs, 15.9%; Morgan, 15.8; Vinton, 11.3; Adams, 10.9; Jefferson, 9.5; Perry, 9.4; and Coshocton, 9.0 percent.

So maybe that's why Bush-Cheney's message (openly and underground) is guns, the Bible and abortion in this part of the state.
May guess is that Cheney will complain that the Ohio numbers don't include all the money people in that region make from hemp.


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