Thursday, September 30, 2004


Blackwell - Baffle them with bullshit?

WTF? Although the media is all abuzz with the news that Sect. of State Blackwell apparently reversed himself on the 80-lb "Papergate" issue, there are still significant problems with the SOS's position.

Posted today on the SOS website is Blackwell's "clarification" (what a shameless ass) of his earlier directive the reiterated the requirement that all registration forms must be on the heavy paper. There is only one paragraph and it is (emphasis added):

"The voter registration form prescribed by the Secretary of State must be printed on white, uncoated paper of not less than 80 lb. text weight. However, any otherwise valid Ohio forms received by your Board of Elections not on 80lb. text should be processed and the newly registered voter should be sent and asked to return the legally prescribed form to be kept by your Board as a permanent record."

So, now the county boards who want to screw with the new registrants are going to send everyone who submitted a form on the wrong paper a letter saying they still have to fill out another registration form?

I am an idiot for thinking this has serious potential to utterly confuse the would-be voter about whether they are registered or not. And, since the deadline to register is just around the corner, isn't there a good chance those that receive this new letter from their board either close to or after Oct. 4 will assume that they missed the registration and not vote?

This issue about the boards needing another completed form is utter garbage. Why isn't anyone calling him out on that?


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