Thursday, September 02, 2004


Countdown 'til the Dispatch endorses Bush

Today's nauseating front-page fluff interview aboard Air Force One pretty much seals the issue about whether there really is a "new" Dispatch.

Despite eliminating some of the wingnut conservative editorials and better balance in reporting on issues like the Iraq war, deep down the Dispatch is still the Wolfe's paper.

Joe Hallett has always seemed to be a pretty honest reporter, so one can imagine him staining not to grimace during what was somehow described as a substitute for an editorial board meeting. (The session included owner John F. Wolfe and Associate Publisher and President Michael F. Curtin). Now, I don't blame Hallett because I've seen some of these situations and the one reporter present is basically there to take notes.

Hallett doesn't record exactly what question was asked and who asked it, but looking at the responses it appeared that Wolfe, Curtin et al made Bush sweat with these toughies:
- What are you going to talk about Thursday night?
- What's it like making difficult choices?
- What new initiatives are you going to mention?
- Are you going to rework the tax system?
- What are you going to do to improve Ohio's economy?

Wow! Call off the dogs! Give the prez a break would ya?

But if you've been watching the Dispatch lately, this should come as no surprise. Any time the Dispatch gives that hack Jack Torrey responsibility for reporting on Kerry and also give Torrey hatchet room on the op-ed page, you know the endorsement decision has already been made.

It's a pity since even the AM radio senses Ohioans are sick of this conservative crap that the try to peddle as news.


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