Monday, September 27, 2004


Daily Show, The Onion connecting for more than laughs

It's well known that satire - good satire, that is - often provides more insights than straight news. And for fans of these two outlets, the following isn't going to be surprising.

First, is the news from the Annenberg Center Public Policy Center that Jon Stewart's Daily Show views are more knowledgeable about election issues and candidates than viewers of Jay Leno and David Letterman. The report also shows that viewers of late-night comedy shows are generally more knowledgeable than non-viewers. A .pdf press release from Annenberg is here. For those that want to skip that downloading step, the (Youngstown) Business Journal has a report on it here.

The second is the growing observation that The Onion is eerily in charge of spin for the Bush-Cheney effort. Dan Chak has the scary documentation here. Also, see, for example, Josh Marshall's view that its increasingly becoming an "Onion" nation here.


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