Friday, September 03, 2004


Deep thinking on Ohio's economy . . .

Paul Kostyu, Statehouse reporter for the Copley papers (e.g., the Canton Repository), stepped up to the plate and . . . whiffed!

Kostyu had the chance to ask some tough questions of U.S. Secretary of Commerce Donald Evans this week about the economic problems of Ohio. The resulting article shows that Kostyu's dictation skills are better than his reporting, although Copley has never set that bar very high. But, you'd think maybe Kostyu could at least do a little prep work since it is, uh, the biggest issue in the state.

Why all this concern about Kostyu blowing this opportunity? Because Evan's couldn't even come up with a single comment that passed the BS-o-meter.

Here are a few of the absurdities, non sequiturs and lies Evans offered up:

"Ohio needs to create business-friendly rules, regulations and laws." (like getting rid of those silly unions, environmental laws and workers compensation laws?)

"Ohio economy was in dire straits four years ago, but it is stronger today." (name one measure)

"Stoking the recovery in Ohio . . is the turn-around of the steel industry" (what century are we in?)

"What the federal government does will not matter if a local community 'makes it difficult to put in a parking lot.'" (WTF?)

“The economy is always in transition" (so . . .?)

"It’s 'absurd' to blame Bush for the loss of jobs because companies outsource jobs to other countries." (so is the Bush campaign in favor of outsourcing?)


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