Saturday, September 25, 2004


The King strikes again

"King" Mark Niquette strikes again here with a piece on one of Blackwell's more obvious attempts to undercut Democratic voters. (By the way Mark, I beat you by nearly a day on this story).

God help me, I am going to have a brain aneurysm if I read more crap written/edited like this:

"Critics argue that on a busy Election Day with potentially long lines, harried poll workers may not follow through or voters may not have the time or transportation to go elsewhere.

"Critics also worry that with tens of thousands of new voters registering for this fall’s election — and precinct boundaries and polling locations have changed since past elections — many voters won’t know or be told their correct polling place."

"Critics argue . . ."?

"Critics also worry . . "?

Are you shitting me, Mark? Even the Blackwell apologists don't argue over these points. They are what are known as statements of "truth" that cannot be refuted. Are you that f'ing scared of these guys?

Serious thinking is being done about how to tilt the Ohio election in Bush's favor. Rove and company only play one game and its hard ball. How about some hard reporting for a change?


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