Saturday, September 18, 2004


Mark Niquette: King of the "on one hand . . ." reporting.

The Dispatch's Mark Niquett is quickly distinguishing himself the most prolific producer of drivel among all Ohio reporters.

Once again, Niquette takes a straight forward story, e.g., Ohio's jobs picture is on a clear downward trend with no logical end in sight, and turns it into equivocating pablum.

The news, that the unemployment rate has grown again after consecutive increases in June and July, is an indictment of the failure of Republican leadership - in Ohio and from Washinton. Period. Anything other description is a LIE and if Niquette can't sniff one of those critters out, then his editors should.

There is no journalistic responsibility to be balanced in these situations. Actually in cases like this, the journalist's responsibility is to find the truth and explain it and expose those that try to wrap shit in roses.

"Experts warn not to read too much into a single month of data, which is revised the following month." What experts Mark? Or are these really BC04 sources. I goddamn challenge you to name one that said that about this report. Further, it would be one thing if August's numbers showed some different trend. But since August made it three consecutive months of growing unemployment, there is a whole lot that can be read into the data. How about pinning your "experts" down about that.

"Ohio’s preliminary July jobs total, for example, was increased by 4,000 in yesterday’s report." Actually, it was increased by 3,600, but the number of unemployed Ohioan was adjusted, too. It was INCREASED upwards by 5,000 and the unemployment rate increased upwards by .1%. Mark, that's called selective reporting.

And this:
"But the Bush campaign says the president’s plan to simplify the tax code and other policies will be better for the Ohio economy than Kerry’s plans — which would raise taxes that hurt small businesses, 'kill jobs and derail Ohio’s economy,' the campaign said." Mark - there is only one plan that has verifiably killed Ohio jobs and derailed Ohio's economy, and it ain't Kerry's.

Niquette is the best friend Bob Bennett and the RNC have in Ohio. I am just thankful that he isn't covering the Iraq war. I can see it now: "Some observers point out that Iraq is desending into other bloody civil war with no exit strategy for the US. Others, on the other hand, say it is going quite well . . ."

What a tool.


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