Friday, September 24, 2004


More reasons to worry about Ohio's ballots

The Beacon-Journal says, "Essentially, Ohio voting is right where it was four years ago."

Actually, its worse. But some of their concerns are well taken, such as Sect. of State Ken Blackwell's edict restricting the use of provisional ballots. These "PBs" are supposed to let voters mark a ballot if there is some registration error or question (e.g., whether they are registered or not, are they on the registered voters list in the correct precinct, if the voter goes to the wrong precinct, etc.). The PBs are then researched to determine if the ballot should be considered valid.

Unfortunately, Blackwell has ruled that a provisional ballot will only be issued to voters who go the correct precinct but aren't on the list.

The ABJ also raises worries over the high demand for absentee ballots, and the new guidelines for voting by felons.

Blackwell is somewhat of a rebel, but he is still a loyal Republican insider. The Florida debacle didn't hurt Katherine Harris's career, and Blackwell loves to be the center of attention.


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