Monday, September 13, 2004


Nader troubles deepen.

Douche bag Nader is in deep trouble in more ways than one.

First, no one cares about Ralph except the Republicans. Evidence? Today the Plain Dealer reports that when he spoke yesterday at the Cleveland State University Convocation Center, he drew a crowd of, maybe, 100. And you know at least half of those had to be there out of curiosity. Pathetic.

Second, Nader will not get on the Ohio ballot. As the Dispatch reported last week, or the 14,473 orginal names on Nader's petition, the secretary of state has only logged 6,464 valid signatures. 5,000 are needed to place him on the ballot. But the SOS office has not dealt with any of the challenges to the signatures, which are in the thousands because of apparently illegal signature gathering.

Finally, eventually it will be learned who has paid for Nader's petition efforts. This involves several companies and the work ain't cheap. The ACLU has filed a lawsuit in Franklin County alleging fraud and misrepresentation by petitioners. Maybe Steve Laws wants to take a fall for republican bank rollers, but I doubt it. My bet is that he will sing.

Nader is washed up. Vanity and old age make a nasty cocktail.


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