Thursday, September 30, 2004


"Nazi youth" plan to disrupt Mellencamp in Columbus

I am torn about whether to take this news tip seriously. Either some kids have been playing spy games and army too much, or some of the young RNC thugs are making some way-over-the-top plans to disrupt the John Mellencamp Rock for Change concert at the Promowest Pavilion Oct. 2.

The tip says check out this posting at about the plans to stage actions inside and outside the event, and brags that they might get some help from Promowest security staff.

I have had a burr in my butt for some time about what the kids at Columbustownhall consider to be fun. Now it seems to be institutionalized into something called the Conservative Calvary.

This is some scary stuff. Part of me thinks this is a put on, to create a scare and a reaction. When I was a kid, I remember an old episode of Davy Crockett where Davy and his band were surrounded by superior numbers. They used some old clothes and sticks and shouted phony orders to make it look like they had a superior force. So maybe that's what this post is really about. Unfortunately, I don't think we can take that chance.

I still want some reporter to ask Bob Bennett if he embraces or disavows the thugs at Columbustownhall.


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