Wednesday, September 15, 2004


PD: State earns an 'F' in college affordability

Why does Taft and the Republicans majority in the legislature hate the middle class?

If there isn't a more bedrock goal for a typical family then trying to afford to send your kids off to college, what is it? Then why, after nearly 15 years of wall-to-wall Republican rule in state government are our colleges getting farther and farther out of reach?

In an understated but outrageous story with data from the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, Barb Galbincea reports (emphasis added):

". . . the NET yearly cost for a student to attend one of Ohio's public universities represents more than half of the annual income for families earning an average $21,413 a year. Those families are among the 40 percent of Ohioans classified by the study as lower-middle income and below."

It's not like Taft and the R-gang weren't warned. "Today's report card, which looks at the public and private sectors of higher education, is the third from the center, a nonprofit, nonpartisan group based in San Jose., Calif. Ohio got a D- in affordability in 2000 and an F in 2002."

"Ohio's investment in higher education has dropped more than $1,000 per student over the last five years, according to Jamie Abel, a spokesman for the Ohio Board of Regents."

[. . .]

". . . Gov. Bob Taft was creating a business-led alliance to mediate and advocate for higher education as an instrument of economic growth. NO ONE HAS BEEN APPOINTED TO LEAD THAT EFFORT. . ."


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