Thursday, October 28, 2004


$100 reward to any Ohio reporter that can document pro-Kerry organized fraud

We are getting impatient about the lack of proof of the "massive and systematic voter fraud" that the Bob Bennett and the Ohio Republican Party have so regularly claimed in the past two weeks. More importantly, we are getting impatient with the large number of political reporters who unquestioningly repeat this claim in their articles without demanding any proof or pointing out that no evidence of organized fraud has been produced by the ORP or anyone else.

So here's the deal. We are very cash-strapped because of making a lot of election-related donations, but we are willing to put up a reward of $100 to the first Ohio reporter who can document that "massive and systematic voter fraud" has been conducted by pro-Kerry forces in this campaign. Yeah, we know $100 bucks isn't much, but that's a lot a lot of dough to us right now because we ain't no fortunate son. If we lose, we're going to have to put it on the ole credit card. But we are also very sure that our money is safe.

Furthermore, we are hoping that maybe some other bloggers might be willing to also pony up some reward money so we can get these guys to put up or shut up. Any $5 or $10 pledge will do. Pledgers, please leave a comment or write to us at

Here are the rules:
  1. You must be a full or part time journalist/reporter with a daily circulation or listenship greater than 25,000 (or the equivalent for weeklies).
  2. There must be substantial evidence that it was initiated in Ohio
  3. There must be substantial evidence that it occurred in Ohio
  4. This is about "massive fraud," not the work of some deranged loner. A few anecdotes won't make the cut.
  5. This is about "systematic" fraud - that means it is rooted in a known organization and evidence exists that some one in a paid position of significant authority in the organization was aware of it. This excludes the work of front line volunteers and temps. In other words, you can't collect the reward by reporting on the isolated work of a few idiots (read "Defiance crack heads").
  6. This is about fraud for political gain, not the schemes of con men who worm their way into a job with some campaign or 527 or PAC for personal gain.
  7. You must report on the evidence and claims in your publication or on your show.
  8. The reward will be paid via a $100 gift certificate to Trader Joes.
  9. Any disputes will be settled by the Chair of the Journalism Department of the Ohio State University (whoever he or she maybe - we haven't a clue.)
  10. Deadline for submitting a claim for the reward is midnight Nov. 2, 2005
  11. If the reward is not collected by deadline, the reward will go to the first reporter that documents systematic voter suppression in Ohio by pro-Bush forces.
So, ladies and gentlemen of the press, let's see what ya' got.

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