Saturday, October 09, 2004


ACT has act together with absentee ballots

Absentee ballot levels in Akron and other areas are surging ahead of 2000 levels. According to a story in today's Beacon Journal:

"The number of requests already has exceeded the 18,900 [Summit] county residents who voted absentee in the 2000 presidential election -- and voters have until Oct. 30 to ask for the ballots.

'We expect to be up around 30,000, easily. It could be even higher than that,' said Bryan Williams, director of the Summit County Board of Elections.

[. . . ]

[Cuyahoga County Board of Elections director Michael] Vu said he expects absentee ballot requests in Cuyahoga to exceed 100,000 this year. His office already has begun mailing the more than 66,000 absentee ballots that voters there have so far requested.

[. . . ]

In Stark County, the elections board already has sent out 11,973 absentee ballots, compared to the 9,443 staff put in the mail in 2000, said Jeff Matthews, elections director."

Apparently much of the credit goes to ACT.

"Vu said tracking of absentee ballot applications in his county shows that 18,702 came from America Coming Together, while 7,041 were provided by the Republican Party"

The article also credits ACORN, and Bring Ohio Back for increasing absentee requests.


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