Friday, October 08, 2004


Akron police now investigating Issue 1, Nader petitions

Hypothetically Speaking has been urging that reporters and prosecutors take some time to dig into the firms and payments behind a huge number of forged signatures on petitions for Issue 1 and Nader. Earlier stories detailed fraud found in several counties and the opinion of a Sect. of State hearing office who recommended that a criminal investigation be pursued.

Today's Beacon Journal reports that the Summit Co. sheriff's office and begun an investigation and has asked for assistance from the Akron police department.

"Akron police said Thursday that their department has assigned two lieutenants to join the effort, although they weren't sure which election matters they would pursue. Sheriff's investigators are looking at forged signatures on voter registration cards and anti-gay marriage petitions"

[. . .]

The sheriff got involved in the marriage petition probe Tuesday after the Board of Elections referred about two dozen signatures that appeared to be forged. The sheriff already was looking into scores of allegedly fraudulent voter registration cards that were sent to Akron from collection points in Cuyahoga County.

The names that keep coming up are two petition circulating companies, JSM and Arno,
and Citizens for Community Values, one of the groups that initiated Issue 1.

We now know that CCV hired Arno, and Arno hired JSM. A good prosecutor's office should know how to work their way up that chain.


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