Friday, October 22, 2004


Blackwell: Gays and "barnyard logic"

If Sect. of State Ken "Failed-To-Do-His-Duty" Blackwell wasn't looking stupid enough for screwing up Ohio's voting procedures, his latest comments about Issue 1 will cement the case with all but the homophobes.

Sandy Theis in Plain Dealer has a story about an incident in Toledo Tuesday where Blackwell said that homosexuality "defies barnyard logic." In Theis's story, she interviewed Blackwell about the incident and he tried to backpedal and claim that he was only referring to gay marriage and not gay people.

Speaking of logic, that explaination makes absolutely no logical sense, and my sources say it was totally clear that Blackwell was referring to gay couples and gay sex in Toledo. And Theis's quotes from Blackwell expose Kenny for the liar that he is.

Here is part of her story:
The flap began Tuesday night when Blackwell told members of a Toledo-area church, "I don't know how many of you have a farming background, but I can tell you right now that notion [gay marriage] even defies barnyard logic . . . the barnyard knows better."

. . .

"I believe this issue is not about civil rights, but about a sacred right," he said in an interview. "One of the functions of marriage is for men and women to replenish the earth."

He used the barnyard analogy, he said, "because if you're on a farm and you want eggs to eat and little chickens to grow into big chickens, you need a rooster and a hen."

I think this is just one more reason why Kenny's political future is over.


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