Saturday, October 09, 2004


Bush debate performance like a lead balloon in Ohio

It's not the only issue, but jobs and the economy is still the main issue in Ohio. More than security and terrorism.

Working class, middle class Ohioans aren't happy about their economic security to begin with. So, on a day that its announced that only 96,000 news jobs have been created nationally, my sense is that many, many fellow Ohioans were especially listening to that part of the debate.

Strictly from an Ohio perspective, I wish Kerry had hit Bush harder. Frankly, I wish he had looked into the camera and ask Bush to explain to Ohioans how the latest BLS report shows anything but a failure of his economic and tax policies.

But, Kerry did hit Bush on the economy and - again from an Ohioan's perspective - there was absolutely nothing in Bush's response to offer hope to Ohioans. Zero. Zip. Nada.

It's no accident that the BC04 folks having been ramping up the 'guns-n-abortion' campaign in southern Ohio, but that is a losing strategy. That only gains them, at best, the same votes they had in 2000. They have to make new inroads to counter the growth in anti-Bush turnout and the job-security voters, but there is no real way to do this.

In Ohio, the debate was a slamdunk loss for Bush and there is no doubt that the polls will continue to show Kerry expanding his margin in the state.


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