Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Charting the Bush slide

The international polling organization Ipsos keeps a running chart of this.

Likewise, from Ruy Teixeira (Donkey Rising) and Alan Abramowitz, there is this "Approval" match up based on Gallup's numbers

The environment: Kerry 60 percent, Bush 31 percent
Stem cell research: Kerry 53 percent, Bush 33 percent
Health care: Kerry 56 percent, Bush 37 percent
Medicare: Kerry 53 percent, Bush 38 percent
Federal budget deficit: Kerry 53 percent, Bush 40 percent
Social Security: Kerry 50 percent, Bush 41 percent
Education: Kerry 50 percent, Bush 43 percent
The economy: Kerry 49 percent, Bush 45 percent
Abortion: Kerry 46 percent, Bush 42 percent
Taxes: Kerry 44 percent, Bush 51 percent


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