Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Cuyahoga Co. to Blackwell: Screw you

The Plain Dealer reports that County officials will defy Sect. of State Ken Blackwell's directives and will give a provisional ballot to every voter that requests one. I suspect Montgomery County and others to do the same.

The courts may force Blackwell on this. U.S. District Judge James Carr of Toledo says he will rule on a suit by the Ohio Democratic party by Oct. 15.

There is no possible good outcome for Blackwell at this point. Even if Bush wins, he has probably tainted his political career beyond repair. That doesn't preclude a great appointment to some hack job in the future. But given that the Republican establishment hates Blackwell and that typical Ohioans, especially African-Americans in the state, will never forget how he has blocked voter registration efforts.

From the PD:
"'We paid for the right to vote,' said [Jesse] Jackson. 'Our basic American inheritance will not be taken by any secretary of state.'"

But Kenny hasn't figured it out yet. He still rationalizes:
"But Blackwell, a Republican, said he's merely repeating a state law that says all ballots must be cast in the correct precincts - a law shared by 27 other states. Until now, he said, no one had complained that the provisional rule conflicted with federal law.[emphasis added]"

[. . . ]

"'If the courts tell us to change it, then we change it," Blackwell said."

Dragged, kicking and screaming, is a poor image for a leader.


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