Sunday, October 24, 2004


Damn, we had it right back in September - Dispatch backs Bush

This is nauseating. We are ashamed to admit we were later fooled into thinking the unthinkable: That the Dispatch had actually grown up instead of it being a political lap dog.

Maybe it was the assurances from some of the top writers and department heads who said - and maybe truly believed - that Kerry had a very good chance. Maybe it was John Wolfe's critical comments about some of the worst lies of the Bush administration. And maybe it was just wishful thinking.

The thing is that back on Sept. 2, we had a post, Countdown 'til the Dispatch endorses Bush. It wasn't the typical analysis of how the Dispatch had always back Republican candidates since 1916. Instead, we just looked at how John Wolfe and Mike Curtin nearly wet their pants from the excitement of being given a free wide on Air Force One. We also examined their "interview" with the president in which Wolfe and Curtin sounded more like schoolgirls that had crushes on one of their teachers.

We took some shit, especially from some Dispatch staff for saying the endorsement question was over with the trip on Air Force One. Well, WTF do you know? We were right.

On the endorsement itself, we want to puke when we read:
A victory for Bush will signal to the world and terrorists that the United States is committed to victory in Iraq and Afghanistan. A Kerry victory will send an ambiguous signal that may raise doubts about American staying power.

Sadly no. A victory for Bush will signal that the terrorist can continue to have a field day while the Americans carry out a neoconservative political agenda and at the same time facilitate the transfer of wealth from taxpayers to the Administrations business allies.

When it comes to the economy, the Dispatch can't even muster a reason to back Bush. All the paper can do is argue that Kerry would be forced to betray his promise to reduce the deficit and expand programs like health care.

Finally, the inner John Wolfe jumps out when endorsement states:
The Dispatch believes Bush's appointments would more likely respect the principles of judicial restraint and separation of powers.

Yes, getting their pet brownshirts into judgeships is the conservative's wet dream.

John Wolfe, Mike Curtin, Ben Marrison - you could've had a great paper. You could have made a difference with the election and the nation. Instead you've chosen to sit at the feet of Rove & Company and wag your tail. Good boys. Good boys.


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