Thursday, October 14, 2004


Despite questions, FBI pooh-poohs Toledo break-in

This does seem very interesting, but maybe the FBI knows something we dont. More from the Blade:
Officials of both the FBI and the U.S. Attorneys Office agreed, saying they will monitor the situation but do not believe a federal crime was committed.

Still, what could be a low-degree felony continued to cause headaches yesterday for Democrats.

[. . .]

One of the computers belonged to office manager Barbara Koonce, who was responsible for names and addresses of hundreds of party members, volunteers, and candidates, a master schedule for all candidates' events, and financial information.

It also included a list of registered Democrats - information that had been analyzed as part of the Democrats' campaign strategy, Ms. Koonce said.

[. . .]

Also taken was a laptop belonging to Roger Sanders, a volunteer attorney from Texas working with the Victory 2004 campaign in space that was leased by the Kerry/Edwards presidential campaign.

The group, which Dems have assigned responsibility for ensuring election integrity, plans to station attorneys at every polling site in Lucas County on Election Day.

Mr. Sanders had been matching as many as 212 local and out-of-town attorneys to specific polling stations Nov. 2. That information was stolen, he said, as were e-mails discussing strategies for counter-attacking subtle measures that could turn voters away from the polls.


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