Saturday, October 23, 2004


Dispatch endorsement expected Sunday

Watch tonight/tomorrow for "the nation's most coveted endorsement." The Columbus Dispatch is expected to reveal it's endorsement tomorrow. Both Time and the NYT have already had stories about how this could be the a major blow to Bush. We have to admit that two months ago we thought the Dispatch would endorse Bush, as it has endorsed Republican candidates for decades.

We think we was wrong. Now, we are fairly sure that the Dispatch will NOT endorse Bush, but we still think there is a 50-50 chance that the paper will chicken out and make no endorsement. Call me a cynic, but we still think John Wolfe is having a hard time imagining being identified as a Kerry supporter.

But, the Dispatch is also very publicity-conscious and may want to try to grab a "king-maker" reputation.

The best place to first find the news about the endorsement may not be at the Dispatch. I suspect that they may have already leaked their decision to the writers at the NYT and WaPo, so it might pop up on their online versions before it actually shows up at the Dispatch's web site.


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