Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Dispatch fails, Suburban News Publication hails Kerry

The Columbus Ohio Suburban News Publications chain today announced their endorsement of John Kerry. This is a chain of weekly newspapers that cover nearly every part of the greater Columbus area.

We have a relative that works as a reporter for the chain and she indicates that the paper's editors and publishers were so upset at the failure of the Dispatch that they decided to break tradition (they have never endorse a presidential candidate before) and go for Kerry/Edwards. The endorsement has just been published at their web site.

If you're thinking, "So what?" - don't knock the SNP papers. Together they have a combined circulation of 287,051!!! That's greater than the Dispatch on each Wednesday when the SNP editions come out.

I am sure they would like some emails of support. They also jeopardize there advertising base when they take this step!

Right now, the calls are 4-1 in opposition to the endorsement, so contact them now. Ohioans can call their offices at 614-785-1212. Or email to


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