Wednesday, October 13, 2004


From Pastor to pinhead - the Nathan Sproul story

Readers might be seeing the name Nathan Sproul in the news over the next few days. His company, Sproul and Associates is accused of setting up phony voter registration campaigns where Republican registrations are saved and the non-Republicans are tossed. He also operated under the name, Project America Votes - a name that is conveniently similar to the legit America Votes group.

Sproul and Associates reportedly operated in Ohio.

His is an unlikely background. According to a posting (look about half way down the page) at his alma mater, the Pillsbury Bible College of Owattona, Minnesota, Sproul "graduated with a pastoral degree" before starting Sproul and Associates, where it was blandly described that "[H]e works on local legislative races as well as initiatives to go on the ballot for people to vote on."

I think Nathan wishes he was back in old Owattona right now.


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