Friday, October 22, 2004


Gallup gives Kerry 5 point lead in Buckeye State

The new USA Today/Gallup poll (yes, Gallup - even with all of its documented problems) finally shows Kerry moving ahead in Ohio. Gallup's polling of Likely Voters has been well-documented by others. The nice thing about this poll is that it shows both LVs and Registered Voters, but in both cases, Kerry has the margin, and with RVs its greater than the Margin of Error. Comparisons to Gallup's last Ohio poll (end of September) are in parentheses:

Registered Voters
Kerry - 50 (49)
Bush - 44 (46)
Other/Undecided - 5
MoE - 4%

Likely Voters
Kerry - 48 (47)
Bush - 47 (49)
Other/Undecided - 5 (4)
MoE - 4%

Bottom line: Bush is superglued at 47% and Kerry's support is trending upward.


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