Sunday, October 31, 2004


GOP claims pro-Kerry forces organized a skunk attack

We swear the following is true. The Dispatch weekend crew says they could hear the laughter from three blocks away.

The Ohio GOP today held a news conference today that was supposed to unveil a major report on the fraud and dirty tricks by pro-Kerry forces. Instead of a big expose, here is what the few reporters (geez, you'd think the GOP realized the Statehouse Press Corps doesn't work on Sundays) got as the LEAD complaint against the Kerry people:
Columbus) – With time running out and new nationwide polls showing John Kerry losing ground, Democrats have restored to desperate, dirty tricks, launching destructive attacks on GOP volunteer centers in two Ohio locations.
  • In one case, a skunk was set loose in a Scioto County volunteer call center on Friday evening. Full-time volunteer Jean Taylor told police a man came into the headquarters, pulled a mask over his face and let a skunk out of a pillow case, which then attacked the office. Volunteers got a license number from the suspect’s truck and reported it to police.

    Taylor told the Portsmouth Daily Times, “It’s been upsetting. We had all kinds of volunteers on schedule here. We have eight phones and eight people volunteering on phones around the clock today, so it’s just disrupted everything.” Charges will be filed in the incident . . .
You can't make this stuff up. See the full news release here.


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