Saturday, October 23, 2004


Hypothetical mini-review: Guided by Voices

Finally made it to a GBV show. Glad I did because Pollard says it's the last waltz! Alrosa Villa in Columbus. Dark. Shitty bathrooms. Beer covered floors. Audience members in grocery carts. Perfect, actually. A great place to absorb Dayton's best contemporary band (can't dis the Ohio Players).

I can't seriously review GBV because I haven't been a "see them anywhere, anytime" fan, but I have much enjoyed their songs on the Ipod. All I know is Pollard gave it his all non stop for well over two hours, as did 3/4 of the other GBV fellas. Pollard can still wail, kick and not even flinch the tiniest bit when a wave of beer suds flows in from the audience.

Yes, he got a little incoherent as the evening went on, but he kept pushin on. That's not a bad way to go out of business.


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