Sunday, October 03, 2004


Jobs situation underreported in Ohio by nearly 180,000 - Part 1

Nearly everyone is underreporting how bad the job situation is in Ohio. The Bush-Cheney folks have a reason for getting it wrong. The newspapers reporters in Ohio seem to be in a "spin coma" but shouldn't get it wrong. And the pro-Kerry forces have absolutely no excuse for getting it wrong.

There are two part to this problem: the number of jobs lost, and the increased demand for jobs due to the growing number of workers. In this two part post I try to explain this simply, because it is simple.


I'm totally baffled by the reported number of jobs lost in Ohio since Bush took office. Newspapers have reported anywhere from 215,000 and 240,000 lost. Even a pro-Kerry site ( reports, "Ohio has lost 231,000 jobs since Bush took office. [Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, January 2001 to August 2004]."

As far as I know, the BLS gets its data from the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services. When I go to the ODJFS site, their numbers show as much higher number:

Jan 2001 nonfarm payroll: 5,655,100 (updated/corrected in March 2001)
Aug 2004 nonfarm payroll: 5,366,600

Difference: 288,500 jobs lost

Reporters: This is not rocket science, just back of envelope stuff. How about getting your pencils and calculators and quit ingesting the spoonfed stuff from the campaigns?


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