Friday, October 01, 2004


Let the Blackwell meltdown begin

"It’s been obvious to me that there are folks hellbent on creating a chaotic situation."

That's what the entire nation is saying about Sect. of State Ken Blackwell's antics. Sadly, however, that quote is from Blackwell, himself, lashing out at his critics.

Ken is suddenly realizing that it's a very bad idea being in a state that's the focal point of the elections while fumbling the Papergate controversy and the provisional ballots. And, Ken, doesn't it sound more than a little desparate when you accuse others of creating the chaos. What is it like seeing your dream of being governor slip through your fingers, just when you thought you would end up king of the hill after the elections.

Kudos to Senators Teresa Fedor of Toledo and C.J. Prentiss of Cleveland for calling for his resignation.

And for those that missed the New York Times editorial, see here.


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