Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Ohio Dems gain TRO against GOP voter challenges

Regarding the hearings the various Ohio county boards of elections were being forced to hold because of the Republican's bogus challenges to voter registration, WBNS-TV reports:
The US District Court has issued a temporary restraining order, which will result in the calling off of several hearings that were slated to begin Thursday on the subject.

In Franklin County, 2,400 people, 35,000 overall, received notices that there was a problem with their voter registration forms.

Republicans say that they are trying to prevent voter fraud with the challenge, but Democrats say Republicans are trying to suppress the vote.

Some local board of elections officials say they are happy with the decision.

Matt Damschroder with the Franklin County Board of Elections says, "My preference would be to let this thing completely go away and allow individuals to vote on Election Day. It allows for a smoother administration of elections."

The decision could be appealed by Republicans to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. That appeal would have to be made by Wednesday night.

This may be a short-term victory because the GOP will probably appeal, and they have already stated that they will still make these challenges at the poll sites on election day.


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