Saturday, October 16, 2004


Ohio media drops ball on Republican staffing controversy

Yesterday we and numerous other blogs reported on the disturbing news that South Dakota Republican staffers involved in shenanigans with absentee ballots had been moved to Ohio.

Unfortunately, the response from the Ohio media has been silence at worst and inane at best.

As a matter of fact, the only coverage I have been able to detect today is an article from Mark Niquette (!?!?) of the Dispatch. Niquette, predictably, let the Ohio Republican spin go unchallenged and doing so provided just one more reason why he may be Ohio’s most dangerous reporter.

But, surprisingly, even the Plain Dealer failed to cover the story despite the fact that the Republican hacks in question have been assigned to work out of the Cleveland area.

It’s time Ohioans start contacting their local media and demand more attention to this issue. To facilitate this, we have beefed up our media listings on the left sidebar. Fire up those emails!


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