Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Ohio poll gives 2 point margin to Kerry

The Enquirer has a story on the new "Ohio Poll" conducted by the Institute for Policy Research's at the University of Cincinnati poll taken Oct. 11-17. The poll was of 757 Likely Voters:

Kerry - 48%
Bush - 46%
Other - 1%
Unknown - 5%
MoE - 3.6%

This is a big, 13-point swing from September when they showed the race to be:

Kerry - 43%
Bush - 54%
Other - 2%
Unknown - 1
MoE - 3.6%

These numbers bring Kerry back to exactly where the Ohio Poll had him in August.

Interestingly, Kerry is tied with Bush in all age groups other than 18-29 where Kerry has an enormous 14 point lead.

Kerry also has a 50-47 margin among males and a 47-46 margin among females. He also enjoys a 55-26 advantage among independent voters.


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