Saturday, October 02, 2004


Ohio reporters might want to keep an eye on this FBI investigation

The FBI has begun to investigate an attempt to hack the campaign computers of the Pennsylvania *th District Democratic congressional candidate Virginia "Ginny" Schrader. DailyKos is following this fairly closely.

According to the 10/1/04 Philadelphia Inquirer:
"The FBI confirmed that it is checking out whether Wednesday's alleged breach into a computer with fund-raising and polling data came from Campaign Solutions, a Virginia-based Republican political consulting firm with deep involvement in GOP races all over the country."

What's this have to do with Ohio? Campaign Solutions recently formed a new mega partnership with the Cleveland-based New Media Communications firm.

According to Campaigns & Elections's online magazine, New Media Communications produces Internet applications and Web sites the Ohio and Pennsylvania Republican Parties.

Hypothetically speaking, if they are really involved in Pennsylvania is it likely that Campaign Solutions would suddenly have moral qualms about doing it in Ohio?


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