Monday, October 25, 2004


The ORP's "challenges" problem just keeps getting worse

As we reported yesterday, the wheels are starting to fall off the Ohio Republican Party's irresponsible and unsubstantiated charges of massive voter fraud. From the Dispatch Monday:
Meanwhile, it appears many of the 35,427 challenges the Ohio GOP filed Friday against newly registered voters statewide will be rejected because of a glitch in the computer program used to prepare the filings.

In many cases, addresses for voters were incorrect or the challenges were filed in the wrong precinct, meaning county election boards will not have to hold hearings on those challenges.

The GOP has withdrawn all 4,718 challenges filed in Hamilton County, and [Franklin Co. Board of Elections Director Matt] Damschroder said about two-thirds of the 4,219 challenges filed in Franklin County are invalid.

He plans to send notices today to those who were properly challenged for a hearing Thursday, when the election board must decide if voters live where they are registered and can remain on the rolls.

There also reportedly are problems in Cuyahoga County, where nearly half of the challenges were filed, but officials there could not be reached.

Ohio GOP spokesman Jason Mauk said that questions remain about all of the new registrants who were challenged.

The story went on to say:
[The challenged voter registrants] were targeted because a letter or other mail sent to them was returned as undeliverable by the Postal Service. Although election officials say there are legitimate reasons why in some cases, Republicans also suspect fraud.

At this point in this story's development, wouldn't a good reporter point out that Bob Bennett and the ORP have yet to provide one bit of evidence of fraud? Oh, you say Mark Niquette wrote the article? Well, that certainly explains a lot.


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