Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Ouch - Cincy Republican judge can't stomach Bush

Robert L. Black is a retired judge of the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court and the Ohio First District Court of Appeals. As one the area's prominent Republican judges (there are many), his mince-no-words comments about the Bush administration are in today's Enquirer.

By the second graf, he is rolling with this:

"I am grateful to the Republican Party for the support it gave me on each of three elections as judge. I respect many of the party leaders in Ohio. Nevertheless, my loyalty to the party must give way to my love of this country. I consider it a patriotic duty to sp
eak up when the future of our democracy is at stake."

And he was just warming up before touching on the war, science, women's rights, taxes, occupational safety, etc.

This is a must read. Seriously - read it now.


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