Friday, October 22, 2004


Poll challengers and more GOP voter disruptions

Today is the deadline for both parties to submit the names of "poll challengers" for election day. Poll challenging is one of the latest GOP disenfranchisement schemes based on a little-used law that allows party designees within polling sites to "challenge" whether someone can legally vote. It's expected that the GOP will use challengers to question ID's, active voter status, etc. If nothing else, the GOP will use the challengers to lengthen the wait (and the lines) at the polls in key precincts where they want to suppress the vote.

There are also rumors going around Columbus that the GOP has a scheme to attack all the new voter registrations that have occurred. These new registrants have the GOP running scared because the surveys show most of these new registrants - if they vote - will go to Kerry. This week, the Ohio Repub Party has been doing major, major spinning the story that there has been massive voter registraton fraud by the Dems and their allies. Of course, Bob Bennett and his minions have no shred of evidence of this. But, if nothing else, he is establishing a public relations campaign to sell the idea that the a Kerry victory in Ohio must be illegitimate and the result of nefarious voter registrations. Bennett knows that with, with luck, he won't have to prove his charges (he hasn't had to so far) - all he has to do is repeat them enough times that the press and the public will believe him.


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