Friday, October 01, 2004


Soros to speak in Akron, Columbus and Cleveland

Occasionally these cities get a speaker of this stature, but seldom do three cities score someone like George Soros. He launched an one-month campaign, apparently to many of the swing states, "to focus voter attention on the war in Iraq and take his case to the American people for changing the direction of American foreign policy."

He is scheduled to speak Oct. 7 in Columbus at the Metropolitan Club. Tickets are are $14 for club members and $22 for non members, lunch included. It's expected to be a sell out with half the tickets gone in three days.

No locations have been announced for Cleveland and Akron, but the tentative date for the former is Oct. 25 and Oct. 26 for the latter.

Soros is a financier, philathropist and philosopher. In brief, he is pretty sharp guy. Born in Budapest in 1930. He survived the Nazi occupation and fled communist Hungary in 1947 for England, where he graduated from the London School of Economics.He then settled in the United States. He is also a prolific author of numerous books and articles his recent "The Bubble of American Supremacy: The Costs of Bush's War in Iraq." His web site is here.


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