Thursday, October 21, 2004


Sucking sound in Ohio? - That would Blackwell's career going down the drain

Headline in today's Dispatch: Judge blasts Blackwell.

That would U.S. District Judge James G. Carr who verbally smacked Secretary of State Kenny Blackwell for "failure to do his duty."

From the Dispatch:
U.S. District Judge James G. Carr in Toledo also suggested that Blackwell risked denying large numbers of Ohioans the right to vote on Nov. 2 and "apparently seeks to accomplish the same result in Ohio in 2004 that occurred in Florida in 2000."

. . .

"I cannot be confident . . . that Blackwell will, indeed, fulfill his obligation to this court, Ohio’s election officials, and Ohio’s voters," the judge wrote.

. . .

"The exigencies requiring the relief being ordered herein are due to the failure of [Blackwell] to fulfill his duty not only to this court. . . but more importantly, to his failure to do his duty as secretary of state to ensure that the election laws are upheld and enforced."

Blackwell response was to label Carr a "left-wing judge." Carr a left-winger? I don't think so. Smart? Probably. He graduated from Harvard law and taught at the Univ. of Toledo law school before serving for several years in the Lucas County prosecutor's office. In 1979, he became a U.S. Magistrate Judge in Toledo. He was appointed to the U.S. District Court in 1994 by Clinton, but that hardly makes him a lefty.

As we have pointed out in previous posts, the legal dispute is over the meaning of the term "jurisdiction." Provisional ballots aren't supposed to be supplied if a person is shows up to vote in the wrong "jurisdiction." Blackwell has tried to narrow the definition to mean precinct.

Carr, however, ruled that a jurisdiction is a county, paving the way for voters to have much broader access to provisional ballots that should be counted


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