Sunday, October 03, 2004


Surprise(!) - Dispatch endorses Brooks and Kilroy

Maybe the Dispatch WILL endorse Kerry. Somewhat unexpectedly (to me anyway) today the editors announced the paper was endorsing the two Democratic candidates for Franklin County commissioners, Paula Brooks and Mary Jo Kilroy.

It wasn't surprising that the paper endorsed Kilroy, an incumbent, the only Democrat on the three-commissioner panel. She has been been adminstratively and politically savvy, and has served well. But the step of endorsing a second Democrat has to be a little surprising. The weight that comes with a the Might D's endorsement could lead to an even larger expansion of the Democrats control in this region. Mike Coleman's successful run as mayor of Columbus showed the Dems what was possible.

I think that the fact Brook's opponent has some seriouos IRS problems and that Kilroy's opponent has been linked to a fund-raising scandal made the Dispatch's effort a little easier to justify.


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