Thursday, October 07, 2004


Take a look at Jeff Seeman (Akron Congressional candidate)

From today's Beacon Journal:

"Seemann sees [incumbent Ralph] Regula's recent tenure as a rare opportunity to go after the incumbent.

"'For the longest time he was untouchable,'' Seemann said of Regula. 'He was a moderate Republican who did everything for his people, then he took a hard shift to the right.'"

"Since Regula's run for the appropriations chairmanship, ``he's stopped caring as much about the people of the 16th District,'' Seemann said. ``Right now he's more concerned about pleasing (House Majority Leader) Tom DeLay (R-Texas) and President Bush. He's more involved in raising money for other Republicans than he is in saving jobs at the Timken plant.''

"Seemann began his political career volunteering for Bill Clinton's campaign in 1992. He also worked for Howard Dean, and has won Dean's endorsement for the office in Ohio.

"As a candidate against Regula, Seemann virtually was invisible until he gained wireless celebrity by standing up for the First Amendment right of an Internet blogger who made a tasteless remark about dead American contractors in Fallujah."

"Practically overnight, Seemann was nationally known to progressive politicians and tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions richer."

"'I didn't agree with what was said, but I was tired of watching people turn good Democrats against each other,' Seemann said.'"

"'We sat back, and got eight years of Clinton investigations. We sat back and we lost (U.S. Senator) Max Cleland.'"

"'We brought lawyers to a knife fight,' Seeman said. 'It has to stop.'"

"If elected, Seemann said, he would work to see that companies who outsource to other countries or who threaten to close down plants in the United States would not get tax breaks. He opposes any privatization of Social Security and supports the repeal of federal tax cuts."

"'Congressman Regula has had power for a long time and things are not getting better at Hoover and Timken,' Seemann said."

"'It's time for a fresh perspective from someone with new ideas. Every floor vote I will make will be for the people of the 16th District,' he said. 'Just throwing money at the district is no longer effective.'"

"Regula has rejected an offer to debate, but said he has agreed to joint appearances with Seemann arranged by the League of Women Voters after the House session ends."

"Seemann thinks the attention his campaign has received is wearing on the incumbent. 'Ralph came back from the Republican Convention a day and a half early to go to the Stark County Fair,'' Seeman said. 'That shows me that getting our message out is making him feel pressure.'"

"Seeman said he fully expects to be the next congressman from the 16th District, but if he isn't? 'People can expect to see my name on the ballot in 2006,' he said."


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