Monday, November 01, 2004


11:22 pm Nov. 1 - No fed court of appeals decision yet

We aren't going to recount all the legal developments today. Suffice it to say, a federal court of appeals has been asked to overturn the decision by two lower federal courts that bar the presence of challengers in polling sites. Everyone is awaiting this courts decision.

There was also a separate federal court ruling concerning the GOP's efforts to use returned registered mail to create their list of to-be-challenged voters. We will detail that in a separate post.

Then there as an additional federal court action that, in essence, allows election officials to ban members of the media from being observers inside polling sites.

Finally, there was also some legal maneouvering in the STATE courts system, but it is essentially inconsequential in relationship to the challengers issue.

Some of the discussions on various boards like this one at Kos have some good points but are mostly inane. We have a migraine from reading all the different ways people could get the facts wrong, and Fox News' misreporting has helped stip this pot of confusion.

Regardless, we've had the 14th straight day of GOTV activities, and we start again hitting the streets at 5:30 am. As of now, THE COURT OF APPEALS HAS NOT ISSUED A DECISION. Got that! 'Nuf said. Good night.


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