Monday, November 01, 2004


Attention Ohio reporters: Looking for some leads on voter suppression?

There may be a half excellent lines of investigation and nuggets of stories in a post by "Kagro X" at Daily Kos. Here is an excerpt to get you started:
. . . [start] with that transcript of the Summit County Board of Elections hearing posted at MyDD. In it, GOP challenger Barbara Miller names attorney Jim Simon as her source for the information in her challenges.

So here's a licensed attorney pushing people into committing fifth degree felonies. That's not only aiding and abetting, it's an ethical violation.

But I also found out that Jim Simon is a Trustee of Bennington College. Sounds like something the student Democrats there should be aware of. . .

I'd like to see what the Ohio State Bar Association might have to say about Jim Simon's activities, too. Plus, Simon is an employee of the Summit County Engineer's office. I wonder whether the County Executive would be interested in what he's been up to . . .

Listen up Ohio media - the election story doesn't end Nov. 2. For good reporters, that's when it starts. The Ohio Republican Party took the entire state for a ride with these bogus challenges and used you guys to aid and abet them. You got used and used good. The best pay back is to shine a light on who was behind this caper. Get digging!


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