Monday, November 01, 2004


Final Ohio Poll reported as "dead heat"

The University of Cincinnati released its latest and final 2004 Ohio Poll and they "too close to call." The poll taken Oct. 27-31 of 819 Likely Voters. The previous (Oct.11-17, Sept. 21 ) poll results are in parentheses. WARNING - the folks at UC have made these calculations "after allocation of undecided voters to the candidates they are most likely to support." No methodology is provided for how they performed this allocation, so these results deserve a big, fat asterisk until more is known.
Kerry - 49.2% (48) (43)
Bush - 50.1% (46) (54)
Other - 0.7% (1) (1)
Unknown - 0% (5) (2)
MoE - 3.3%
Maybe we are just cranky this morning, but this has the feel of a rush job. UC screwed up posting the poll for over an hour after journalists had been notified. There was no methodology discussion in their press release and no internals were provided. Maybe we'll change our minds later, but this sure smells like UC went into the defensive, CYA mode in the conservative haven of Southwest Ohio.


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