Thursday, November 04, 2004


Major musical chairs coming up in state government?

Now that Joe Deters won the Hamilton Co. Prosecutor's, there has been speculation about who will take his place. Well, not really speculation - it seems that the Jennette Bradley appointment is a done deal as we have been hearing for weeks, and Cincinnati Blog had a good posting on this Wednesday.

But there have been other strong rumors going around that indicates a much large scheme is afoot. Rumors like maybe some of the big wigs at the Ohio Republican Party see that it may be destructive for a major shootout between Betty Montgomery, Jim Petro and Kenny Blackwell for the Republican nomination for Ohio governor.

One scenario thrown around before the election was whether Taft could be lured to resign with some sort of significant university position or ambassadorship. Now that Bush has won, the candy jar that Taft might be able to reach into just got much bigger.

So maybe what's cooking is the political version of baseball's triple switch: Imagine Jennette Bradley becoming State Auditor. Imagine Betty Montgomery becoming Lt. Governor. Imagine Taft becoming the ambassador to Tanzania or South Africa. Humm . . . who does that leave to become governor?

This scenario would be ideal for a Bob Bennett who has got to be tired of playing janitor. He cleans up the Deters mess by moving him out of the state spotlight to Cincinnati. He cleans up the Householder mess by also moving him out of the spotlight (although we hear the grand jury is nipping at his heels). Now all he has to do is figure out how to deal with Kenny Blackwell and Petro. These are some big egos at work. Based on the his recent campaign statements, Petro isn't making any deals - yet. Blackwell is such a loose cannon that probably no deal is possible, but that might not stop Bennett from pushing the triple switch anyway.


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