Friday, November 19, 2004


Ohio to divert $8.1 million owed to consumers on inane marketing campaign

Let's see if we understand this right.

1) Ameritech successfully lobbies the the Republican controlled Ohio legislature and Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to "loosen" the rules on required capital improvements.

2) Ameritech equipment declines and customers suffers weeks and weeks of no service, and is meanwhile purchased by SBC.

3) Faced with mounting public outrage over its poor service in 1999 and 2001, this "new" SBC is fined $9.8 million by the PUCO for failure to meet even minimal service standards.

4) The PUCO "unable to determine how to divide it equitably among customers who received bad service."

5) Six months after he declares that jobs is his #1 concern for 2004, Gov. Taft creates the Ohio Business Development Coalition to attract new business and investment through marketing. SBC picked to be part of the OBDC.

6) The Republican dominated Controlling Board diverts the PUCO fine pool and gives it to the OBDC.

In otherwords, the compensation meant for the Ameritech/SBC residential and business customers gets shunted back to - you guessed it, SBC! And for what? Some inane marketing program.

The brazeness of this who deal is really breathtaking. Talk about the rewards of one-party rule.

And, one has to wonder what kind of insanity rules in business development circles that thinks that Ohio's economic problems can be aided - even a smidgen - with a multi-million dollar image campaign? Do these guys have any business sense, or is this the just the old country club crowd doing some harmless playing around with someone else's money.

Are we Ohioans such rubes that we are willing to put up with this crap?


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