Friday, December 03, 2004


More on the governor's musical chairs

Nearly a month ago, we were the first in Ohio to report that there was a scheme afoot to do a big shuffle in the top levels of state government to pre-position one of the Republican rising stars in the Governor's seat.

The Cincinnati Blog confirms that the rumors are still floating around - and so are the denials. When we first reported this plan, our sources said that Betty Montgomery was the leading candidate to take over after Taft is giving some fancy-dancy appointment by the Bush administration. Since then, however, the other name that has surfaced is Bush pal Congressman Rob Portman from the Cincinnati area.

The Cincinnati blogger say the rumor is thin but we aren't so sure. Either way, it's not really a rumor. We know for a fact that the source of all this is Ohio GOP chair Bob Bennett who has been calling around to run the scenarios by other Repub bigwigs. So, we think this stuff fails in the category of test balloons rather than just gossip.


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